What is HN2?

HN2 is a clinical computer system designed to completely manage the data collection and billing requirements of public Health Departments.


HN2's main functional features include:

Peripheral features of HN2 include:


Patient health data is collected via "encounter screens" which correspond to various State and Federal programs such as Family Planning, Child Health, Adult Health, Prenatal and Perinatal services, and so on.

Lab tests and drug dispensing are also managed on the encounter screens. Other features of the main HN2 application include patient appointment scheduling, employ profiles for system security and user preferences, and system maintenance.

Tech Specs

HN2 is a multi-user, client-server, web-based system built with open source components: the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, the MySQL RDBMS, and the Perl programming language.

HN2 is Copyright © 2001-2004 by the Clarke County Board of Health, Clarke County, Georgia and like the tools it is built upon, is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).