HN2 Online Demo

Note: The clinic data stored in this demonstration version of HN2 are real data; the demographic data, however, have been altered to protect the identities of the patients. The following fields contain ficticious data having no relationship to the original patient identifiers: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Maiden Name, Medicaid #, Medicare #, SSN. All birth dates retain their original year but the months and days of birth have been altered. Phone numbers have been blanked out, and all addresses have been set to 123 Main St., Athens, GA, 30601, 029-Clarke.


In order to login to HN2, a user name and password must be entered. For this demonstration enter a user name of hn2demo and a password of hn2demo

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This demo is now part of the site.


The FAQ now has some content. We are working on a list of our favorite books (as some of you requested) as well as a good linklist and some more HN2 documentation.